Women Techmakers Kathmandu 2015!!!

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Women Techmakers Global Event Series was celebrated in honor of International Women’s Day for the second time on 28th  March, 2015 in Trade Tower Business Centre,Thapathali Kathmandu.

Number of registered Users = 53
Number of attendees= 47  (80% Girls participation)

Event started with distribution of  Women Techmakers Kathmandu printed Keyrings and Wooden Ballpens to the participants. Beginning with the Introduction on Women Techmakers Global event &  Introduction to GDG Kathmandu there was  inspirational speaker sessions where all speakers were highly experienced females from IT Industry followed by combined QA at the end.
  • Now Women Can Begin” by Sunaiyna Pandey.Assistant. General Manager of a Tech One Global Nepal with 18 years of diverse experience in the field of ICT. She is passionately involved in the IT sector and works actively to uplift and support Women in the field of ICT.
  • “Technology and Being Yourself”,  by Natalia Komis the founder of iamsociable & iamadventure  which offers unique creative journeys to help inspire and empower individuals from all disciplines.
  • “It’s not about where you are, It’s about what you do best”  by Sonal Agrawal, visual artist and creative designer at Picovico.
  • “Lessons learnt from Digital Marketing” by Shilpa Modi,Digital Marketing Associate at Thompson Nepal.

Prototyping Workshop:

WTMKTM ­ Persona 2
Hari, 19 years old, loves to travel by hiking and biking. Owns an Android smart phone and a mountain bike. Wants to travel exoctic places near Kathmandu valley and share his experience online.
Project: Xplora
Team Members: Anita Suwal, Jeena Pokhrel, Sylvia Shakya & Sonica Dali

Xplora Team

WTMKTM ­ Persona 5
Ganga & Jamuna are 2 years old twins. Their father Raj recently bought a android tablet to home. Raj wonders if he can use his tablet to introduce his kids to reading and writing Nepali?
Project: Pathsaala
Team Members: Pujan Dhakal, Jagriti Srivastava, Monalisha Dhimal  & Natalia Komis

पाठशाला Team

WTMKTM ­ Persona 6
Sarita, 32 years old tech professional from Kathmandu. Works as a software engineer in high profile company in Nepal. Owns a android phone. Likes participating in events, seminars happening in community and wants to stay in touch with network of fellow women professionals in the city
Project: TechDeck
Team Members: Nhasala Joshi, Alina Karki, Sujita Thakali & Kriti Nemkul

WTMKTM ­ Persona 8
 Sunita, a teenage girl kneen about learning new things, making new friends, visiting different places of cultural importance. Her parents recently gifted her an Android phone on her 16th birthday. She wants to make new friends near her community who share common interest of a teenage girl.
Project: Teenterest
Team Members:Jayanti Mala Chapagain, Barsha Maharjan, Bishal Mahat & Kaushal Wagle
Teenterest Team

WTMKTM ­ Persona 9
Suman just turned 9. Studies in grade 4th. She loves playing games in her mother’s android phone. She asks if there are games that are fun to play and also help her in understanding lessons of maths and geometry.
Project: GeniusKids
Team Members: Kushma Thapa, Divya Bhattarai, Rashu Neupane & Saraswati Shrestha 

Genius Kids Team


WTMKTM ­ Persona 12
Soniya, 25 years old Doctor, just finished her MMBS. Wonders if she can answers specific queries related to general health issues via her smartphone.
Project: Doc UnCall
Team Members: Ranjana Dangol, Sijan Bhujel, Rashmi Bajracharya & Srijana Paudel 
Doc.UnCall Team 

WTMKTM ­ Persona 14
Mahendra, 40 years old, owns 3 houses in Kathmandu, one in Balaju, one in Gongabu and one in Sukedhara. Total of 6 families have rented his houses. Every month he has to call and remind all of them to deposit rent. Wonders whether technology can solve his problems.
Project: RentAlert
Team Members: Sraddhanjali Acharya, Laxmi Kandel, Bijaya Pudasaini & Rashu Neupane
Rent Alert Team

WTMKTM ­ Persona 15
Nirju, 29 years old Engineer, mother of Ranju who just joined school. Wants to talk to all of the Ranju’s school teachers once a while. Wonders if its possible to do this with her android phone.
Project: Bridze
Team Members: Manisha Pant, Radhika Prajapati, Sita Prajapati & Alina Tuladhar
Bridze Team

An objective of the workshop was building a profound network among the attendees which was accomplished with excellence.Overall the event turned out to be a huge success where participants were ignited to initiate new challenges with motivated spirit.

More Information:
Events Page: http://goo.gl/oY96kJ

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