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Here comes report of yet another small gathering from Kathmandu GTUG, dated June 9th, 2012.


Bhupal Sapkota, (ktmgtug, Semicolon Developers)
Bhuwan Pokharel (ktmgtug, NAST)
Rupesh Shrestha (Student - Prime College)
Saroj Khatiwada (Tech Enthusiast)
Suresh Ghimire (ktmgtug, RAN)
Pratap Sapkota (Kathford College)
Prakash Neupane (ktmgtug, ASCOL)
Sunoj Das Shreatha (ktmgtug, RAN)






Saturday (Jesth 27th 2069 / June 9th 2012)
Time: 3pm-5pm in the evening
Location: Sundae Cafe, Jawalakhel. (50 meters ahead of Zoo gate)


Meetup Agendas

For this meetup reporting we used Google doc: http://bit.ly/ktmGTUGjune2012 

1) Introduction : Hello session

Getting to know each other. Welcomed new members Saroj, Rupesh & Pratap to Kathmandu GTUG.


2) GTUG to GDG (Google Developers Group) migration



Starting July 1st 2012, we will rebrand ourselves entirely as GDG Kathmandu (i.e Google Developers Group - Kathmandu)

Google is proposing a change in the GTUG (Google Technology User  Groups) logo and name to the GDG (Google Developer Groups) logo and  name. In addition, they’d like to migrate the GTUG chapter directory on gtugs.org to a new GDG directory on http://developers.google.com/groups


  GTUGs will be legacy groups soon. You can find more information about this migration here : http://wiki.gtugs.org/gtug-gdg-faq


We discussed over proposed changes and how this will affect our GTUG momentum.
Most of the GTUG chapters around the world have already changed their logo/name to GDG. We decided to make this transition slowly. Starting July 1st 2012, we will rebrand ourselves entirely as GDG Kathmandu (i.e Google Developers Group - Kathmandu). As the name suggest, i think it’s time to gradually uplift ourselves to developers from end-users. What do you say ? Please put your thought in a comment about this migration.

3) Google Apps Setup Training


Saroj Khatiwoda, who joined us today will create some presentation slides about Google Apps and how it can help increase organizational productivity in minimum investment. We will meet interested organization and present the slides. In turn, we will host training program for Google Apps setup in respective organization.

4) Google I/O Extended in Kathmandu (possibility ??)

Yes this is about Google I/O 2012


Google IO 2012 is going to happen in San Francisco from June 27th.

Google I/O is a great platform to get knowledge of latest Google and overall technology sector. Learn the tech world's latest web, mobile and social breakthroughs and meet the developers who are turning them into tomorrow's startups. Keep yourself and your team driving innovation at Google I/O, which returns to San Francisco's Moscone Center from June 27th - 29th, 2012.

Google I/O Extended in Kathmandu



Together with Google Technology User Groups (GTUGs) and Student Ambassadors, Google is hosting free viewing parties of Google I/O worldwide.

Even if you can't attend Google I/O in person, this is a way to still connect with other talented developers and watch the keynote and other sessions live. Part viewing party and part community building, Google I/O Extended are free events focused on livestreaming parts of Google I/O. Depending on location, the event could also include local developer demos and other speaker sessions.

We decided do a small gathering for Google I/O Extended here via Kathmandu GTUG. First, this event requires a live streaming resources. Second, we might have time zone issues (San Fransisco 9 AM - 6PM timing will be evening/night here) and others feasibility information needs to be gathered. Better we host first few sessions (keynotes) which happens around 9:00PM NST.


We have submitted our interest to host Google I/O Extended event at Kathmandu.
Suresh Ghimire is coordinating this event. Once place and high speed internet gets fixed, detail information about how to participate in the Google I/O extended – Kathmandu will be posted in this blog and our mailing list too.

Stay tuned.

5) Speaker/place for Android Workshop we planned in our February meet.

We will do an event focused on Android mobile platform and android apps development.
The tentative date for the Android Workshop discussed is Mid July, 2012. For the event location Prakash Neupane will coordinate and Bhupal Sapkota (that’s me), I will approach presenters.


6) Unicode.org CLDR survey for Nepali

From unicode.org website,

The Unicode Consortium enables people around the world to use computers in any language. Our freely-available specifications and data form the foundation for software internationalization in all major operating systems, search engines, applications, and the World Wide Web. An essential part of our mission is to educate and engage academic and scientific communities, and the general public.

CLDR – Common Locale Data Repository ( Links : CLDR Project, Wikipedia)

The Common Locale Data Repository Project, often abbreviated as CLDR, is a project of the Unicode Consortium to provide locale data in the XML format for use in computer applications. CLDR contains locale specific information that an operating system will typically provide to applications. CLDR is written in LDML (Locale Data Markup Language).

The Unicode CLDR provides key building blocks for software to support the world's languages, with the largest and most extensive standard repository of locale data available. This data is used by a wide spectrum of companies for their software internationalization and localization, adapting software to the conventions of different languages for such common software tasks as:

  • formatting of dates, times, and time zones, 
  • formatting numbers and currency values
  • sorting text
  • choosing languages or countries by name

The CLDR is a component of the Unicode organization, that is used for language-specific data, that is used by pretty much the entire global software industry for supporting languages. Having  Nepali strings in the CLDR is essential for having Nepali supported in software and Internet products - at Google and beyond. See here the members of Unicode (there are of course many more software firms that use Unicode but are not members).

The deadline for submitting strings for the v22 of CLDR is in 6 weeks. Submission is essential to fully support Nepali, at least at the "modern" coverage level, which is what is required by many companies (including Google) in order to release products in Nepali.

4/4/2012 - v22 Data submission starts
06.04 - v22 Data submission ends, vetting starts
07.11 - v22 Data vetting ends, resolution starts
08.29 - v22 Release

CLDR Survey Tool

Translations in the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository are gathered and processed via what is called the Survey Tool, an online tool that can be used to view data for different languages and propose additions or changes. This tool provides a way to propose new localized data, see what others have proposed, and communicate with them to resolve differences.

During each submission period, contributors from Unicode Consortium members, other organizations and the public at large are invited to review the data for their languages and countries, and propose new translations of terms or modifications, including language translations entirely new to the repository

How we are contributing for Nepali CLDR

For this process to work at least two Unicode-member organizations need to approve each string. One can be the organization that entered the string, and the other one would be a separate organization that confirms the translation. Google can be one of these organizations (as Google is a member of Unicode)

People involved in CLDR submission/vetting for Nepali

Translator organization: Language Technology Kendra, lead by Bal Krishna Bal
Vetting Organization: Google, represented by Bhupal Sapkota

We are meeting with Asso. Pro. Bal Krishna Bal, KU who is representing the submitting organization – Language Technology Kendra on Friday June 15th to get knowledge about overall CLDR project, its submission status and to get guidance for vetting phase.

7) 2012 Google Apps Developer Challenge (participation ?)

Google have launched Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012. Read more.
Challenge Page: http://www.google.com/events/gadc2012/


Here’s Google+ Hangout video with GDG managers, where Chukwuemeka Afigbo (He is a Program Manager at Google with the Emerging Markets Outreach team where he works closely with developers, startups, businesses and IT professionals in the region to successfully grow their business around Google Developer Tools and APIs) answers GDG manager's questions about the challenge.


We will circulate GADC – 2012 message to all our linked organizations/colleges and encourage individual or group participation in the challenge from Nepal. So if you are interested you can submit your apps and win prizes on over 18 apps development categorizes. All the best.

Extra Topics:

Bhupal attending Google I/O 2012

It is confirmed few days after the meet that I’ll be attending Google I/O 2012 in person.
Thanks Google Developers Relation Program and Google I/O team for the offer to invite in GTUG managers from around the globe to attend I/O 2012.

Video reporting of Kathmandu GTUG Meets.

Kudos to Saroj for bringing in this topic. Yes, this would be good idea if we could create video content for/out of our events. We will try to do this in our future meets.

Participating in NCE IT Fair and ICT Meetup

Kathmandu GTUG will participate in following events which are happening soon:

NCE IT Fair - June 15th (upcoming friday) – Assigned to: Prakash Neupane
ICT Meetup - Prime College - June 17th - Rupesh will communicate with KTMGTUG for participation.IMAG1166

Our presentations will include:

-> introduction to KTMGTUG, our works so far, our community reach
-> Info about GTUG to GDG Migration (starting July 1st 2012 we will migrate to GDG)
-> Info about Google Apps Developers Challenge 2012 (events detail, prize, submission guidelines etc)
-> Details about Google I/O Extended in Kathmandu

KHEL – The Fest - http://www.khelthefest.com

An Inter-college/ School festival is the time when students leave behind the pressure of everyday assignments, tests and relax. It is the time when students forget their student life burdens and simply chill. Participate in the Khel(s) and have fun.



And of course, The Eurocup ;)

IMAG1182 IMAG1183 IMAG1184 IMAG1185 IMAG1187

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- bhu1st / Chapter Lead
Photo Credits: Kathmandu GTUG (Official page)

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