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Posted By: @bhu1st

Google Developer Website has a feature which shows our member's authentic association with GDG Kathmandu. Check yours in this link:

(See image for reference)

If you can't see "GDG Kathmandu" association in your profile information try following steps:

In short: Visit our chapter page and click on "I'm a member button". The button toggles between "I'm a member" and if you already clicked that it will become "I'm not a member". 

If you haven't seen "I'm a member" button before or not even now try this

1) visit chapter:
2) sign in with your Gmail/G+ account,
3) *refresh the page*, and then (refreshing might be needed)
4) click the "I'm a member" button.

Finally check your membership status at

Refreshing the page is essential, as many people have had issues seeing the button otherwise.

and of-course you could join us at,

Official G+ page :
and G+ Community:
and Google Group:

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